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“Akademia ZFW˝ (Zatrzymaj fałszywe wiadomości) is a collaborative network project to unite schools and organizations for data verification, where high school and university students will be organized and trained on how to combat false information and misinformation, specifically the one related to COVID-19.

Misleading news (Fake News) has existed throughout history, and its purpose has not changed much since its origins, but from the use of the Internet and new communication and information technologies, Fake News has proliferated throughout the length and breadth of the planet.

The spread of fake news causes a dangerous cycle of misinformation. Social networks allow users themselves to be generators and consumers of content at the same time, at the same time that they collaborate without knowing it in the dissemination of misleading, false or fabricated content.

Akademia ZFW is an educational program that produces media literacy and fact-checking videos designed for teens by teens, under the guidance of journalists, fact-checkers, teachers, professionals, parents, and artists.

The Project has a website with manuals, ideas, resources and practical activities, as well as an information campaign aimed at young people to be used by the Verification Network as well as didactic material for foreign language courses.

With the support of the United States Embassy in Poland, Centro Latino will be in charge of the development of such an interesting project, it is free for all users and has an easy-to-use interface available in several languages.